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Let us update your look

We offer a wide range of hair care products for women, men, and children. Our experienced staff is trained and will make you look and feel your absolute best!

Ladies' hair services:

• Cut and finish

• Shampoo cut

• Shampoo and style

• Shampoo, blowout, flat iron


Men's hair services:

• Shampoo, cut, and style


         The Original

      Brazilian Blowout


*Enjoy smooth frizz free manageable hair for up to 12weeks


$200. - $250.

Call to make an appointment

$35.00 - 45.00

$20.00 - 25.00

$22.00 - 25.00

$35.00 - 55.00


$15.00 - 25.00


• Color

• Retouch maintenance (4 - 6 weeks)

• Highlights or lowlights

• Lash tint

• Brow tint

$53.00 and up


$75.00 - 85.00 and up




• Perm - includes cut and style

• Rusk Anti-curl (relaxer)

Mizani Retouch Relaxer

Virgin Relaxer      

$70.00 and up

Hair conditioning treatments:

Redken Hot Shots: This is a total customized treatment system to address common hair needs including strength, color protection, softness, frizz control and dandruff control.  Shots can be combined in order to address multiple needs and create a truly personalized formula.  Forget "one size fits all" and think total customization!

• Single shot - $15.00

• Multiple customized shots - $20.00


A deep conditioning treatment such as Redken Chemistry is great for distressed hair. Distressed hair is weakened hair that has been physically changed is some way. There are two key types of distressed hair.

CHEMICAL DISTRESS: caused by overuse of chemical services such as hair coloring, lightening, perming or straightening.

MECHANICAL DISTRESS: caused by normal wear and tear from blow-drying, curling ironing, flat irons and everyday brushing.  

L'anza Ultimate Treatment 

3-step customized healing service utilizing the most advanced technology to restore maximum health and shine to the hair. Allows you to personalize each treatment based on your particular hair type, condition or desire service.


Simply Smooth Keratin Treatment

This product has no formaldehyde.  It smooths down the cuticle layer. Results last about 16 weeks. Reduces drying time, reduces ironing, and reduces frizz up to 50%. This treatment is safe for all hair types.

• L'anza

• AG

• Aquage


• Redken

• Redken for Men

• American Culture (Keratin Line)

Lifestyles product lines:

Package A

Service includes treatment with flat iron - $160.00

Package B

Service includes treatment with haircut, flat iron, and shampoo and conditioner - $220.00


Simply Smooth Keratin Straight System

An innovative, relaxing system infused with a Keratin finish.

$240 - Full head

$180 - Retouch


Color Lock Mini Treatment

Treatment lasts up to 45 days. Reduces frizz up to 50%.

• Service included shampoo and iron style -  $75.00

• Biolage

• Paul Mitchell


•TiGi Bedhead

• Nioxin


• Rusk

$160 - Package A

$240 (full head)

$75.00 and up



Smoothing and straightening treatments

Smoothing treatments:

• Simply Smooth  Keratin Treatment

• Simply Smooth Keratin Treatment

• Simply Smooth Straight Treatment

*Brazilian Blowout                                    $200.-250.

$220 - Package B

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